Stills from "New Idea to Love"

All BTS photos by Jonathan Loomis, July 2017

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2016 Santo Sessions

Five days five tracks recorded at Santo in West Oakland. All photos by Wiley Rogers, April 2016.


Touring with Splendor All Around

Splendor All Around is a collective of musicians, artists, technicians and documentarians that performs and tours in a 1986 International diesel school bus called Splendor.  Splendor has taken three extended tours along the West Coast, breaking down numerous times and playing over 50 shows in caves, driveways, squat houses, churches, and, of course, the bus.  Hosting numerous traveling artists, Splendor All Around consists of a core of ~20 artists primarily from the SF Bay Area, South East and New York City. 

Photo credit: Rosie Cima

Photo credit: Rosie Cima

Photo Credit: Rosie Cima

Photo Credit: Rosie Cima